Multimaster block machine supplied to Egypt

Established in 1986, the mission of Samcrete Building Systems was to introduce and implement innovative building system solutions and new building products in the Egyptian construction market. Backed by local and international know-how and supported by more than 200 professional engineers, technicians and workers in five factories throughout Egypt, Samcrete Building Systems manufactures a wide range of concrete blocks, interlocking pavers, curbstones and precast product systems according to international standards and specifications.

A strong technical office is equipped to deal with major projects using different precast prestressed systems: hollow core slabs, panels, bearing walls, columns and beams or concrete facades. All of these products are built to stand the test of time while providing added value and cost-efficiency.

Multimaster for Samcrete Building Systems

Samcrete Building Systems has recently modernized production and, for this purpose, ordered a “Multimaster” block machine from German plant manufacturer Knauer Engineering based in the Bavarian town of Geretsried. The machine is suitable in particular for the cost-efficient mass production of concrete paving blocks, solid/hollow blocks, curbstones and other concrete block elements. The multilayer machine is capable of effecting production and packaging in a simultaneous process, thus minimizing transport costs within the plant.

The Knauer Multimaster is powered by a combination of electrohydraulic and motor drive units in order to achieve minimum cycletimes during simultaneous operation. The torsion-resistant and vibration-proof frame structure is based on Knauer’s many years of experience in the production of block-making machines. The core element of the machine is formed by the vibrating system comprising, firstly, a torsion-resistant vibrating table with synchronized medium-frequency vibrator and two motors attached to the bottom side that initiate a directed vertical vibration, and secondly, a high-frequency tamper head vibrator mounted on the tamper head. The vibrator used on the table and that used on the tamper head are essentially identical in design but have different frequency and centrifugal force settings. The combination of different frequencies generated by the vibrator used on the vibrating table and that used on the tamper head achieves best results for maximum compaction.

Fully automatic production sequence

Production is carried out in a fully automatic process. The individual machine functions can, however, also be operated manually. Manual control is required to determine the optimum values for the different functions, which are then fed to the automatic program control system. The fully automatic production sequence is initiated by pressing the Automatic button, and just one operator is required to supervise and feed the block machine.

Productivity and profitability of a block-making plant depend on the choice of the most suitable machine. The most important factors include:

Space requirement: a track length of 110 m is required for an 8-hour production shift of paving blocks. The machine is fed by monorail, trilateral concrete loader or forklift truck with hopper.

Cycle times: for paving blocks, cycle times vary between 25-35 seconds per cycle depending on the composition and structure of the source material, and between 35-45 seconds per cycle when adding a face mix (second layer of fine concrete).

Basic design of the Multimaster block machine

The machine comprises a torsion-resistant structure in welded design, tamper lifting device with two columns (synchronized by means of toothed racks front and rear, driven via two hydraulic cylinders), mold lifting device with four columns (synchronized by means of a toothed rack, driven via two hydraulic cylinders), travelling gear driven by means of an electric motor, and hydraulic tamper/frame and mold lock. Mold changes are quick and easy, and adjusting the machine to new block heights poses no problem at all; in addition, the machine offers ready access for cleaning and maintenance. All moving parts are of wear-resistant design.

The table below shows the expected daily output of the Knauer Multimaster for different products per 8-hour shift. The figures are based on uninterrupted material supply without any breaks in production.

Knauer Engineering
GmbH Industrieanlagen & Co. KG
Elbestr. 11-13
82538 Geretsried/Germany
+49 8171 6295-0



Usable mold dimensions/Nutzbare Formabmessungen:

– Herstellung auf Vibrationstisch: 1240 x 1000 mm

– Bodenfertigung: 1240 x 1240 mm

Product height/Produkthöhe:

– Herstellung auf Vibrationstisch: 50 - 650 mm

– Bodenfertigung: 250 - 1000 mm

Max. Pakethöhe, mehrlagig: 650 mm + 1 Schicht

(je nach Blockhöhe)

Hopper capacity/Siloinhalt: 1600 l

Machine dimensions/Maschinenabmessungen:

– Basismaschine: 5040 x 2730 x 4080 mm

– mit Vorsatzeinheit: 6410 x 2730 x 4080 mm

(L x B x H / l x w x h)

Vibration force/Vibrationskräfte:

– Rütteltisch: 110 kN

– Auflastrüttler: 110 kN

– Formrüttler (max. 4 Stück): je 20 kN

Power/Leistung: 45 kW

Nominal pressure/Nenndruck: 210 bar

Mode of operation/Betriebsart: elektrisch/hydraulisch

Control system/Steuerungssystem: voll automatisch

Siemens S7-1500

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