Mold Inspection and Repair Station of the latest design launched

A significant aspect for the production availability of a concrete block plant depends on the maintenance and care of the tools. Particular attention is generally paid to the mold equipment. In the course of diversification, mold equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and delivery times are often painfully long. For this reason, these tools must be given special care and maintenance.

“Until now, ‘pulling’ and mounting the tamper head took place by means of forklift, using chains and similar hoisting equipment. Space here does not allow further description of the details of the safety aspects involved in such a procedure. Following successful inspection and repair, damage can occur during re-insertion of the tamper head into the bottom of the mold in the customary manner. This damage usually does not become visible until the concrete block mold is re-inserted. The experienced reader will be all too familiar with the consequences that may occur here”, says Alwin Bennmann, Sales Director at KBH.

Planning and coordination are the solution

KBH has taken into account the relevant technical and safety aspects, as well as the economic issues, and has developed a Mold Inspection and Repair Station.

The complete mold assembly is transported by forklift onto a receiving table. The lower part of the mold is clamped to the receiving table. The tamper head is clamped to the lifting and lowering unit, analogous to the “bear” unit. This aligns the upper and lower part of the mold. After the tamper has been “pulled” out of the lower part of the mold and clearly separated from this lower part, the lower part can be swung into any desired position for care and maintenance.

Following inspection and repair, the lower mold part is once again moved into the horizontal 0-position. During this procedure, the lower mold part is once again in precise alignment with the upper mold part so that the upper mold part can once again be moved back into the lower mold part without damaging the tamper plates and mold ribs.

By using this equipment, the machine operators can confidently expect that thry can re-use a mold unit without difficulty, and that production can be resumed without significant interruption.

The first generation of the Mold Inspection and Repair Station permitted only swinging the lower mold part into different positions.

Advantages of the second generation

The second generation of the Mold Inspection and Repair Station now also permits swinging the upper mold part into different positions. The swiveling of the mold parts takes place by means of a spindle that powers the special design versions of the gear mechanisms. To facilitate the work of the maintenance personnel, the swivel gear can also be powered by a cordless screwdriver.

“Major customers in Europe and the USA appreciate the advantages of this machine – a cool tool that makes the plant personnel’s job easy, prolongs the mold lifetime and assures the greatest possible production availability of their plant”, concludes Alwin Bennmann.

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