Method and semi-finished product for construction of a concrete double-wall element

(10) WO 2020/074617 Al

(22) 09.10.2019

(43) 16.04.2020

(57) The invention relates to a method for producing a concrete double-wall element comprising two spaced-apart concrete shells (2a, 2b) that are connected to one another via connecting means (3). In order to prevent the first concrete shell (2a) from shifting relative to the fresh concrete (10b) of the other concrete shell during the production of the double-wall element (1), a fixing device (20) is set into the concrete of the first concrete shell (2a), which has an anchoring element (23) on a second end section (22) spaced apart from the concrete shell (2a). When placing the first concrete shell (2a) on the fresh concrete layer (10b), this anchoring element (23) forms a secure connection to a pallet (5b) carrying the fresh concrete layer (10b) and thereby secures the first concrete shell (2a) relative to the fresh concrete layer (10b).


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