MSM-M mesh welding system for automatic production

Increasingly complex markets call for partners that are able to respond appropriately to new requirement profiles. In the construction sector, there is a growing trend for manufacture of precast elements with the required blockouts for window and door openings. The company mbk Maschinenbau GmbH satisfies the needs of a modern market with its flexible MSM-M mesh welding system, which is currently available in five sizes (200/250/300/350/400).

With the MSM-M, automatic production of CAD-based reinforcing mesh for manufacture of precast elements, with blockouts for windows and doors, is no longer a problem. The flexible MSM-M mesh system welds reinforcing mesh directly from the coil, precisely to individual specifications. The range of mesh width that can be produced is within a range of 400 mm to max, 4,000 mm, depending on what is required. The mesh length is enormously flexible as well.

Production output around 200 m2/h

Apart from the standard sizes, ranging from 1,000 mm to 14,000 mm, larger dimensions are also possible upon request.  The average production output of the MSM-M is around 200 m2/h, depending, however, on the quantity of mesh being produced and its blockouts. Higher output is possible upon request.

The longitudinal and transverse wires for flexible mesh production are automatically placed from coil; the newly developed DRA-M multiple straightening and cutting plant ensures a stable workflow. An impressive variety of wire diameters can be processed: 6 mm to 16 mm is standard, and diameters from 5 mm to 20 mm are optional.

The rotor straightening and cutting plant places the longitudinal reinforcement in the required mesh positions on a mobile transport table. Fully automatic transport and transfer to the welding unit of the mesh welding plant follows from this position. The grid spacing for the longitudinal reinforcement is 25 mm; the spacing is defined by the diameter of the reinforcement processed.

An additional, likewise mobile, transport table takes up the transverse reinforcement in the required lengths and in the correct order. The cut transverse bars are then passed to the welding unit. There they are individually fed from below to the longitudinal reinforcement. The minimal spacing of the transverse wires is fixed at 50 mm, but as alternative is infinitely variable.

Robust construction and close collaboration

Robust construction and close collaboration with the customer in the development process ensure high process reliability. According to its own statement, mbk is one of the few companies that transmit status and error feedback to the master computer. An innovative maintenance manager informs users well in advance of impending maintenance measures. In this way it is possible to timely schedule appropriate time and human-resources management, and to prevent costly production downtimes.

Linkage to the Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface ensures uncomplicated and free exchange of information within a precast plant. LAN- und WLAN- connections provide the best prerequisites for quick and uncomplicated troubleshooting in case of a malfunction. This also enables the use of various updates, to the benefit of professional and simple production planning.

Professional and mature after-sales service – another mainstay of the company – makes sure that all of the machines and systems continue to run smoothly long after commissioning, enabling its customers, cost-efficient production processes without complications.


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