Lucem and Holcim/Vetra cooperate

In June 2019, Lucem, a manufacturer of light-transmitting concrete elements, together with the manufacturer of construction materials Holcim Deutschland and its subsidiary Vetra Betonfertigteile GmbH signed a cooperation agreement. The objective is to make use of the respective strengths of the partners for optimized production steps and enhanced distribution channels, and to jointly develop more new ideas for translucent concrete products. Design and lighting technology are the responsibility of Lucem, whereby Holcim focuses primarily on applying the suitable concrete. Holcim’s primarily concerns itself with the suitable concrete, including the necessary raw materials and large-scale production in its own precast plants of its subsidiary Vetra Betonfertigteile GmbH – as well as implementing new marketing and sales channels.

“I look forward to the continued cooperation. Here partners come together that outstandingly complement each other with their strengths and that mutually further enhance their innovative power,” says Thorsten Hahn, Chairman of the Executive Board of Holcim (Deutschland) GmbH.

 ”Lucem, as a relatively young company, has been able to establish itself internationally in the highly specialized area of light-transmitting concrete within a very short time. We look forward to the cooperation with the Holcim Deutschland Group as strong partner with first-class production opportunities and a global network,” says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Roye, founder and Managing Director of Lucem GmbH.

The cooperation partners recently started initial joint communication measures: Holcim Lucem solutions in the new brochure “Architekturbeton” and Lucem, in its invitation to the trade show Architect@Work in Hamburg (for architects, interior architects) calls attention to the new cooperation partner Holcim.

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