Integrated software solutions for the production of precast floor slabs

Orion Beton is a Dutch precast concrete factory based in Enschede with a workforce of about 50 people at present. By replacing and/or updating all software processes, Orion Beton took a major step in the automation of the production processes. In this regard, Progress Software Development GmbH, a company of the Progress Group, is the strong partner in implementing the modernization in the field of software.

The core business of Orion Beton comprises the production of precast floor slabs, the production process of which was optimized in the fully automated carousel system of the precast concrete factory. The Ebos and Profit MES systems, which are developed by Progress Software Development, are continuously addressing all aspects of the manufacturing process. These integrated and integral systems replace a large number of stand-alone software solutions, enabling the employees to perform their entire work process in a single, homogeneous, and user-friendly system.

„Using Ebos enormously improved our production stability, and the production process runs much easier thanks to an optimized pallet assignment,“ states a satisfied Jan Rook, the company‘s general manager.

The use of software solutions for smooth processes

Erpbos, a software solution especially developed for the precast concrete industry, functions as a superordinate ERP system and serves for planning and controlling of all business and production processes. All components from sales, to calculation, project management, production and assembly planning, through to logistics and materials management are controlled by a central system.

The major challenge in the implementation of the modernization was to install both Ebos and Erpbos, to replace the existing system and to put all components jointly into operation within a few days. Progress Software Development was able to manage this due to an intensive planning phase as well as adequately qualified experts on site during commissioning.

The decision in favor of Erpbos and thus in favor of Progress was taken due to the open structure of the data base and the structural solutions for updating. The possibility to integrate Ebos in Erpbos played an important role here as well as the fact that we have enjoyed a pleasant cooperation with Progress for almost 20 years now,“ Jan Rook points out.

A success story lasting for more than 40 years

In 1973, Orion Beton was acquired by the Agar Holding. Only two years later, the company relocated from the Dutch town of Delden to its present location in Enschede, where they began with the production of precast floor slabs. Starting with an annual production of 50,000 m² in the beginning, the manufacturing output could increase many times over due to several modifications in the course of the years. In 1986, a new factory hall including carousel system was built for the production of floor slabs, for example. It was extended by an M-System mesh welding machine in 2003. In 2014, the commissioning of the VGA Versa lattice girder welding machine took place; the machine is equipped with a fully automated height adjustment that is infinitely variable during production. An additional bending machine for reinforcing bars allows the company to produce the reinforcement internally as well as to manufacture and to weld cages. Recently, another important component was integrated, the fully automated stirrup bending machine for reinforcing steel of the Eba S-Line. All of the mentioned machines were supplied by Progress Maschinen & Automation, a company of the Progress Group, too.

Orion Beton has two large production halls. The first one serves the production of conventional precast floor slabs by means of a highly modernized carousel system. The second hall accommodates a more than 3 m-wide production line for manufacturing precast prestressed floor slabs and a second line for manufacturing various other products, such as so-called Unit floor slabs or TT slabs.

Advantage through a wide range of services

„A prerequisite for high performance with computable accuracy are machines and software solutions which, on the one hand, can be integrated in our existing plant perfectly and, on the other hand, contribute to selective improvement in efficiency simultaneously,“ states Tonny Bunte, the Erpbos project manager at the company.

Orion Beton found the ideal partner to meet these high demands with the Progress Group. Reliability, experience and the familiarity with the performance were the key factors for this long-lasting, successful cooperation.


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