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Innovation: Carbon fiber meshes for floor slabs of parking garages

Carbon fiber meshes replace steel meshes as supporting flexural reinforcement in the series production of precast concrete floor slabs for parking garages. As a consequence, corrosion will no longer occur and the service life will be increased while reducing maintenance and repair costs. The fact that a slenderer design of the structural component is also possible leads to a lower material consumption as well as lower transport and assembly costs. This, moreover, reduces the CO2 emissions.

Industrially manufactured floor slabs of parking garages

The floor slabs of parking garages have emerged as a first field of application, because, apart from the high strength, the corrosion resistance is of particular benefit here, too. In addition to the cost efficiency, durability is the most import customer requirement in parking garage construction. Various aspects had to be examined in the development of the product. The focus was, among other things, on the high degree of material utilization, so as to ensure an efficient design of the floor slabs for parking garages. This was possible by means of carbon-fiber reinforcement especially conceived for this purpose with different „bar spacings“ in the main and secondary direction of support. The dimensions of the carbon-fiber reinforcement mesh especially developed for series production correspond to the component dimensions so that neither overlapping of individual reinforcement meshes are required nor several installation processes.

Due to the low self-weight of the material, moreover, the concreting process has to be adapted so as to prevent the lightweight carbon reinforcement from floating when compacting the concrete.



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