Innovation: CEMflex steel plate waterstop on wall elements

The development partners BPA GmbH (BPA) and Otto Knecht GmbH & Co. KG (Knecht) have developed a solution for the sealing of wall element joints. Since May 2015, BPA has been producing a steel plate waterstop for special wall element use, which Knecht has built into the wall elements at the precast concrete plant.

The steel plate waterstop of type CEMflex VB NG used in the project consists of a galvanized steel plate which features a coating on both sides of a patented sealing compound. The sealing compound contains a concrete-active substance such as calcium hydroxide which “actively” triggers the natural self-healing process of the concrete.

The additional waterproofing measure ensures that no water can penetrate the structural element along the construction joint or butt joint.

The bond between the special coating, the concrete of the precast element and the subsequently poured in-situ concrete safely prevents bypassing of the steel plate waterstop system. In addition to creating an exceptionally strong bond with the surrounding concrete, the special coating “actively” promotes natural sintering of the concrete (active formation of limestone and active crystallization).

The innovative product improves the economical and well-proven method of building watertight basements from wall elements as it enhances both safety and quality through the direct installation of sealing components into the wall elements at the precast concrete plant.

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