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Innovation: Admixtures for high quality fair-faced concrete

Fair-faced concrete continues to be in line with the trend and is in demand both in interior design and in façade design. An excellent concrete quality is required for aesthetically sophisticated surfaces.

The product development was aiming at enhancing the cleaning procedure by a wet cleaning process, after a dry cleaning process had been exclusively applied previously. For this purpose, a formwork cleaner was developed. The product should meet the following properties:

Excellent and fast cleaning effect

Cost-efficient application

Odorless and easy application

Integrated rust protection for steel formwork

Sustainable raw material basis

Non-hazardous for users

Environmentally compatible; no hazardous substance labeling

MasterFinish CLN 689 meets all these properties and is the only product on the market that does not contain any solvents. The product is based on re-growing raw materials, thus featuring a convincing carbon footprint. The cleaner supports the proper functioning of the release agent and ensures homogeneous, non-porous concrete surfaces.

The cleaner has the effect that possible residues of cement paste and rust stains are removed and eliminated gradually. With the aid of an automated spraying device and a removal blade, the cleaner is integrated in the automated circulation system. The procedure starts with the spraying process, before brush cleaning, and ends thereafter with the removal process using a removal blade intended for this purpose. Then, the concrete release agent is applied as usual.

The additional wet cleaning improves the visual appearance of the concrete elements and increases the service life of the formwork elements. Contrary to mineral oil cleaners, the product based on re-growing raw materials does not release any additional CO2 emissions in the life cycle.

Customers‘ feedback is outstanding, too. Sascha Ströder, general manager of the IDEAL Beton precast producer located in Montabauer, is very satisfied with the results achieved and explains: „Using a combination of MasterFinish release agent and cleaner, we have found a solution that does not require special labeling and meets our high expectations with regard to fair-faced concrete.“

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