Highest concrete quality with the RIV 2.5-D

The company Bacher Beton GmbH is one of the largest concrete manufacturers in the Ingolstadt area. Already for more than 100 years Bacher GmbH is successful in the field of structural and civil engineering with specialization on carcass/fair-faced concrete construction and is the preferred concrete supplier for concrete types with highest quality requirements. As an investment in a successful future, a concrete batching plant of the type Betomix 2.5 with a ring-pan intensive-mixer RIV 2.5-D was installed at the Großmehring site.


The Task

In order to improve the quality of the services offered and to be able to further increase the capacities, an additional state-of-the-art mixing plant was required for the Großmehring site. This is to ensure that the high requirements for the production of high performance concrete types can continue to be met.

The customer‘s main concern was that the new mixing plant should be highly reliable and offer extensive options.

The Solution

The Betomix 2.5 in combination with the RIV 2.5-D ring-pan intensive-mixer with independent and variable speeds for the individual mixing tools proved to be the optimum solution for the given conditions. The RIV 2.5-D
is characterized in particular by the high degree of flexibility in all mixing parameters, especially in the mixing tools. The mixer is able to manage the entire spectrum of mixing tasks from standard concrete types to high-performance concrete types thanks to the large number of possible configurations.

The robust and reliable Liebherr RIV 2.5-D ring-pan intensive mixer and its drive motors are designed state-of-the-art as well as the keyless locking system for the mixer covers. This allows the mixing of highly demanding concrete formulas with maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, with an output capacity of 115 m³ per hour, the Betomix 2.5 is ideally suited for reliable concrete supply on large construction sites. Thanks to the modular design concept of the batching plant, it can be ideally adapted to the individual conditions on site. The plant is operated intuitively via the Liebherr Litronic-MPS control system on a PC workstation.

For the storage of the different types of aggregate, Bacher selected the tower silo variant with a total storage volume of 500 m³. Due to the simple and time-saving stacking of the container modules, the tower silo can be completely assembled in only five hours.

All components also stand out due to the generous access ladders and platforms which ensure optimum accessibility for service and maintenance work on the one hand and sufficient space for stowing tools and work equipment on the other.

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH
Im Elchgrund 12
88427 Bad Schussenried/Germany
+49 7583 949-0

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