Heft 43 on “Concrete Structures Impermeable To Water”now

Concrete structures impermeable to water are highly complex constructions for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from “simple” cellars all the way to “high-tech” basements. They are frequently intended for high-quality uses that do not allow moisture penetration. This goal is always achieved if all parties involved know right from the beginning what is important, talk to each other, and choose a design that can be reliably implemented under the given boundary conditions.

To allow the design and execution of the construction project to be examined from all perspectives, and the water-impermeable structure to be reliably built, the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein e.V.; DBV) supports the industry community in publishing the DBV-Heft 43 on “Concrete Structures Impermeable To Water” in the version of June 2018. In addition to four technical articles, it includes the Code of Practice on Concrete Structures Impermeable to Water published by the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb).

The DBV-Heft 43 on “Concrete Structures Impermeable To Water” is addressed to all those involved in the construction of water-impermeable concrete structures, that is, clients, users, designers, building contractors and building supervisors.

It can be ordered from Petra Rohde (phone: 030 236096-44, mail: rohde@betonverein.de:rohde@betonverein.de%3C/a%3E">).

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