Going new ways with the KKM cone mixer

With the Kniele cone mixer, a completely new approach has been taken. This patented cone mixer, according to the manufacturer, has qualities in a class of its own. Owing to innovative technology, KKM achieves unprecedented performance and reproducibility. The KKM has been in successful operation for now just about two decades, has been time-tested and is being continuously further developed.

Two counter-rotating mixing tools generate within a very short time a homogeneous mass in a conical mixing trough. The agitator, depending on the application, consists of a conically shaped Archimedean screw and helical paddles mounted above. The second revolving agitator is fitted with mixing paddles that wipe off the surface of the mixing trough.

The centrally revolving helical agitator conveys the mix in the vertical direction toward the top, causing the mix conveyed by the screw to experience rotational movement. The outer mixing-arm agitator counteracts the rotational movement. These counteracting flows of mix generate an intense turbulence of the entire mix, with fast, intensive mixing.

On the basis of these positive properties, the KKM is also used in laboratories of educational establishments, material-testing institutes and research institutes for development of special concretes. For production of high-performance concretes (UHPC) or self-compacting concretes (SCC), the mixer can be fitted with a special agitator and a special drive. Rotation of up to 350 RPM is possible, resulting in reduction of mixing time to a minimum.

Precise mix results

Owing to the conical shape, a highly precise and homogenous mix result is achieved. High-quality mixes are also possible for very small quantities. The nearly complete, vertical discharge takes place by gravity within a few seconds.

The special high-pressure cleaning system from Kniele ensures a clean mixer. This is, for example, absolutely necessary after a color change in order to justify the high demands placed on the end products. Apart from the production of quality concretes, the cone mixer is also suitable for all other areas of dry mixes.

The KKM-RT special laboratory mixer, which Kniele developed together with Stuttgart University, combines an intensive laboratory mixer with a rheometer. The rheological properties of the mix are determined in relative and absolute units. A probe for determining the moisture and a dosing unit for addition of liquid or dry components extend the scope of performance. This enables automated parameter studies for development of the mix. The entire mixing process can be observed by video.

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