Fully automated Bamtec production line for Atterer Stahlcenter

A new fully automated Bamtec Evolution production line was put into operation at the production site of the Atterer Stahlcenter GmbH steel processing company; the system was supplied by Progress Maschinen & Automation, a company of the Progress Group. Speed, efficiency and full automation are the key features characterizing this innovative machine. It allows manufacturers to process bars with diameters from 8 mm to 20 mm from the coil.

The Atterer company was founded 133 years ago. The company provides processed reinforcement steel, reinforcement steel mesh as standard and customized reinforcement mesh as well as welded reinforcement cages for bored piles and as prefabricated stirrup reinforcement. Thus, they became an important supplier to construction companies.

Particularly strong synergies ensure particularly successful solutions. With this knowledge in mind, the management of Atterer Stahlcenter GmbH searched for a strong and reliable machinery supplier for the processing of reinforcement steel form the coil. Progress Maschinen & Automation AG has positioned themselves as a strong partner for the production of Bamtec reinforcement elements. The production line was specifically designed and constructed for the plant in Marktoberdorf and has been in operation for more than a year now. The Minden-based Stahlhandel GmbH, an affiliated company of Atterer Stahlcenter GmbH, has also started production with a new Bamtec Evolution successfully some months ago. The now third Bamtec production line running in the company clearly demonstrates that the production of rolled-up reinforcement elements is gaining more and more popularity.


Reinforcement technology exactly according to CAD plans

The Bamtec system is characterized by a continuous process. Optimized planning and the computer-controlled manufacturing process facilitate the installation of the rolled-up reinforcement elements on the construction site. Based on the structural calculation, it is possible to include the reinforcement exactly where it is actually required. The Bamtec reinforcement technology is widely-used all over the world and is one of the most efficient techniques for the reinforcement of reinforced-concrete floors and ground slabs in building construction.  

The production cycle with the new production line

The production line consists of a straightening and cutting machine as well as a welding machine. The first link in the production chain of rolled-up reinforcement elements is the MMR 20 straightening and cutting machine, a robust plant with high productivity and flexibility that is equipped with a wire feeding and cutting unit for each rotor. This is saving time when changing the wire diameters. Cutting is carried out as an electromechanical process. The bars produced in this manner are fed to the Bamtec welding machine by means of a gripper and positioning unit. In a spot welding process, the individual steel wires are welded in any distance onto the assembly lines on up to ten steel strips. In this way, the machine manufactures a reinforcement element accurate to dimension. Immediately after welding, the Bamtec element is rolled up. Each reinforcement element is accurately prefabricated, thus ensuring high quality and maximum flexibility accordingly.

The prefabricated elements are delivered to the construction site just in time, where they are carried to the job site with the aid of a crane. At this target place, the „carpets“ can be rolled out fast and conveniently. The average installation time is two tons per worker and hour. This results in conserving resources, shorter construction periods and an optimum result at the construction site.


Coiled reinforcement steel

The fully automated system processes reinforcement steel from the coil. This approach leads to some significant advantages: storage costs are reduced, place is saved, cutting scrap is avoided and different bar lengths can be made to measure. The machine obviously provides added value to Atterer: both the manpower requirements and expenditure of time needed for the production process are quite low. While a consistently high level of quality can be guaranteed simultaneously. „We are convinced by the full automation as well as the coherent concept of this production line,“ states Andreas Wachter, General Manager and owner of Atterer Stahlcenter GmbH.

Progress Maschinen & Automation AG
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+ 39 0472 979100
Atterer Stahlcenter GmbH
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