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Issue 2011-07 Wire Center

A circulation line automatically reinforces itself

Today, Bürkle can proudly look back to a company history extending over more than 75 years. Starting out as a craft business, Bürkle evolved continuously and became a group of companies comprising...

Issue 2013-02 A means to shorten construction time per story

TaunusTurm Frankfurt – precast elements in high-rise construction

Project description A new high-rise building, the TaunusTurm, is currently being constructed in Frankfurt am Main, situated in a city-center location directly adjacent to the Taunusanlage. This office...

Issue 2013-02 A perfect architectural concrete example

Tour Total Berlin

Production report by Dreßler Bau GmbH The facade of the 17-story German headquarters of French oil corporation Total is not just an “off-the-shelf” architectural concrete facade. More than 80...

Issue 2012-08

Avoiding subsequent boring

At present, the high-rise building „de Rotterdam“ is under construction in Rotterdam, which is the greatest building construction project in the Netherlands. The three-part building complex with a...

Issue 2009-01 ACAD floor

CAD planning of precast floor slabs with AutoCAD

From the perspective of planning, the floor is a seemingly simple product, there being no complex and elaborate component geometries to deal with, as is the case with walls or façades. But there are...