Fixing reliably with Hans Fix

Solidian is a leading manufacturer of non-metallic reinforcement consisting of carbon fibers and glass fibers. The company offers the matching accessories as a perfect supplement to the innovative reinforcements. In this context, „Hans Fix“, the latest product made by Solidian, solves two problems simultaneously that occur again and again when installing reinforcement: It prevents the reinforcement from subsiding or rising. The need of using conventional spacers is eliminated too. Hence, they no longer leave annoying marks on the concrete surface. An aspect of particular importance in case of architectural concrete surfaces.

In concrete construction, it occurs time and again that the reinforcement is rising or subsiding. This is an especially frequent effect when using innovative, non-metallic reinforcement consisting of carbon fibers and glass fibers. However, to ensure the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete components in the long run, it is absolutely necessary to comply with the required concrete cover. Thanks to the „Hans Fix“ fixing device this can be ensured with effortless ease: For this purpose, the worker applies the device to the formwork edges and adjusts it according to the structural effective depth and/or the concrete cover – he can work here with millimeter precision. In addition, he slightly prestresses the reinforcement using a spring device, which has the advantage of preventing the reinforcement from slagging. After completion of these working steps, concrete can be placed. As soon as the concrete has been compacted, a hand lever is actuated and the reinforcement is released from the hooks.


Quicker and more efficient

The system offers several advantages simultaneously in the production of concrete. First of all, it facilitates the installation of reinforcement. Secondly: As the reinforcement is fixed reliably, concrete can be poured quickly, saving time and costs accordingly. And thirdly, the device ensures that the reinforcement is safely placed in the formwork, eliminating the need for spacers. When designing architectural surfaces, there are no longer any marks on the surface. Therefore, the concrete surface is characterized by a visual appearance in a very high quality.

Summarized: With „Hans Fix“, Solidian offers a solution, revolutionizing the installation of reinforcement and which is without equal in the market at present. The device is suitable for both textile and metallic reinforcement.


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