Fiber-reinforced channels for commercial architecture

A commercial building being large as well as prestigious has opened now in Heilbronn. The Möbel Rieger furniture store expects a high level of customer and supplier traffic at the latest location covering an area of 36,500 m². The advantages of using Drainfix Clean channels quickly convinced those responsible for the ambitious building, thus replacing the original conception of collecting surface water in open swales for infiltration on site.

Filtering out more than 99 % of pollutants

The versatile system not only consists of a fiber-reinforced concrete drainage channel for collecting and diverting surface water. But the channel system also provides a large retention capacity in order to retains even large amounts of water – in the event of heavy rain, for example. At the same time, the water is cleaned in the channel filter. As a result, more than 99 % of the pollutants are filtered out of the water in a safe and reliable way. This exceeds the requirements pursuant to water law by far.

The fact that the drainage experts of Hauraton are able to verify the cleaning performance of the Drainfix Clean channels reliably provides the project managers, moreover, with planning security. Because a pilot plant that is operated at a busy road with a high level of contamination has been delivering dependable and reliable results for many years now. For the contractor, Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung GmbH, the system offered the safety of a well-known and certified channel system.  The channels used are very stable; the Drainfix Clean filter substrate channels are based on the Faserfix Super channels which have been tried and tested for many decades. The channel bodies are made of fiber-reinforced concrete and are designed for the highest loads.

Advantage: Side Lock quick locking system

Even during the construction phase, the not yet completely installed channels are so stable that construction vehicles can pass them without damaging them. The channels and gratings installed in the parking lots are in compliance with class D 400. The Side Lock quick locking system ensures a quick release of the gratings. The filter substrate was only filled in when contamination owing to construction works was no longer expected.

The building materials dealer, Bauzentrum Blatter, was involved as commercial partner in the construction project in Heilbronn. Thanks to delivery, consultancy and execution right on schedule, all parties involved played an important role in the successful implementation of the drainage project.

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