European Federation Congress in Copenhagen

The congress of the European Federation for the Precast Concrete Industry (BIBM) will take place from May 06 to 08, 2020. More than 650 people are expected to take part in the meanwhile 23rd edition which will be held in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen. President Claus Bering answered the questions of the media partner, BFT International, some months before the event.

BFT International: Mr. Bering, with an overwhelming interest of about 650 participants from more than 40 countries and around 70 exhibitors, the BIBM congress again makes significant gains in comparison to the past three events. In your opinion, what is the decisive factor for this success story?

Claus Bering: I will be able to judge whether the congress is a success only at its end, because the real target is the satisfaction of the participants. The first element was the decision to entrust a new organizer with the implementation of the event, which provides everything from a single source. In this way, we could concentrate on the content and identify the key topics.

Two other significant factors are the cooperation with the International Prestressed Hollowcore Association (IPHA) and the selection of the venue: Copenhagen situated in the peripheral area between Central Europe and the Scandinavian countries offers excellent opportunities in this regard.

BFT International: The interesting topics of the congress including the entire range from structural precast components to pipe production through to garden and landscape construction cover many important sectors of the precast concrete industry. What do you consider to be the particular key areas of the conference?

Claus Bering: First of all, we want to make a program relevant for all aspects of the precast concrete industry, both in terms of applications  and in terms of content. If I have to choose two key areas, these would be sustainability and BIM. The first one represents the challenges of this decade, a word that many people pronounce and very few understand. Therefore, we want to seize this subject, using specific examples such as „Zero CO2 Construction“ or „Circular Economy“ to make it comprehensible. Moreover, the topics of Building Information Modeling and new business models will be addressed in detail – not forgetting the new technical solutions for precast architectural concrete.

BFT International: At the beginning of the interview, you mentioned a new organizing partner. What exactly will be different in comparison to the previous BIBM congresses?

Claus Bering: By choosing our German BIBM member, Fachverband Beton Baden-Württemberg and its congress company FBF Betondienst, we have entrusted a renowned association with the organization of the congress. FBF, in turn, is currently establishing a new congress society as part of a strategic partnership with Bauverlag. Using the concentrated expertise of FBF and not just one but several construction magazines we should be able to address additional target groups, apart from the manufacturers of precast concrete elements and architects/planners.

BFT International: Possibly, the one or other BFT reader might decide to register for the BIBM congress at short notice after having read this interview. Is this still possible, and what else is there to look forward to at this attractive venue apart from the congress? 

Claus Bering: Copenhagen is an important center of culture, business, media, and science. The metropolitan city is also well known for its bold urban development and first-class architecture. Water, space, sustainability, and light are the key elements of the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen. Everywhere impressive buildings are soaring alongside old historic buildings and palaces.

There are only some booths for exhibitors and potential sponsors available, but registrations for attending the congress are open. One can register on the website However, all those interested should be quick: places for the gala dinner as well as the social program are gradually running short.

BFT International: Mr. Bering, thank you very much for your time!

The European Federation for Precast Concrete
Rue d’Arlon 55 – 6th Floor
1040 Brussels/Belgium

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