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EnEV brochures provide guidance

400,000 new apartments are needed each year in Germany according to a study on low-income housing recently conducted by Hanover-based Eduard Pestel Institute. The researchers conclude that this situation is due to the rising number of immigrants and of younger people moving into urban areas. Some German federal states already demanded a temporary suspension of the EnEV (Energieeinsparverordnung; Energy Saving Regulation) to reduce construction costs and to speed up project completion. In late October 2015, however, the Conference of State Building Ministers reiterated the proposed amendments to the regulation. In response to this situation,

The clearly structured Meilensteine der EnEV 2014/16 (Milestones of EnEV 2014/16) brochure summarizes all important aspects of the regulation and provides an outlook to the coming years: from 2018, all new buildings will be subject to a uniform minimum energy efficiency standard that will then become mandatory on an EU-wide scale by 2021. In a first step, the maximum permissible primary energy consumption of new buildings was lowered by 25 % effective 1 January 2016.  As a result, buildings that meet the former KfW 70 energy efficiency standard will basically become the new benchmark.

Carefully planned solutions that cater to structural, soundproofing and heat insulation requirements are necessary to increase the share of affordable housing in conurbations. KLB has published its Energy Saving Manual to support both technical designers and construction contractors in quickly selecting the most appropriate lightweight concrete wall system.

Architects, technical designers and construction contractors can obtain the latest brochure editions on the more rigorous EnEV provisions directly from KLB Klimaleichtblock GmbH – either by fax (+49 2632 2577770) or via e-mail (info@klb.de:info@klb.de%3C/a%3E">).

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