Efficient and flexible concrete distribution & casting systems for the South Korean market

The South Korean precast market relies on outstanding technology for the most efficient and flexible concrete distribution & casting systems. Interconstech Co., Ltd. has been making a new history of construction technology through everlasting R&D.

Ever since it’s founding, Interconstech Co., Ltd. (ICT) has forged ahead with a primary principle – the commitment to qualify leading the way. Unlimited endeavors to research and develop top-notch construction technology have, since the firm‘s inception, brought the pride as a construction technology oriented company, while serving the best satisfaction to customers.


Strengthening market competitiveness in precast girders

IPC girder technology, developed as the first item of our company, has achieved a remarkable reputation in the bridges construction field in Korea due to its superiority in construction feasibility, cost savings and improved safety. With these leading-edge strength, IPC girder technology has become one of the most widely used bridge technologies in South Korea.

Adapting to the changing business environment during the planning and construction phases of the project, many things changed in the market: now there is an increasing demand for tunnel segments elements and concrete poles.

„The changing world did not go unnoticed at ICT“, Kim Jong-Hyun, CEO of ICT, said. He continues: „The business plans regarding the new precast production line were updated to correspond with the new market outlook.”

Due to the rapid growth of competitors and the recession in the construction market in recent years, ICT decided to establish a factory in Goesan to strengthen the competitiveness. After a year of construction, the precast factory was completed in April this year.


MCT Italy shapes ICT targets

“We strongly believe in the advantages of precast concrete construction because of the high quality, lower maintenance costs, and durability,” Kim Jong-Hyun explains.

Strong partner for long-term cooperation MCT Italy, through the local support of Mr. Oh from Hanin Corporation, has worked closely together with ICT throughout the project, offering consultation and advices regarding all aspects in the building of a completely new facility and organization in a new market area. “When you are choosing a supplier for new precast equipment, it is essential to choose a strong, experienced firm with a specialized organization for continuous cooperation. After we got up to full speed with negotiations with MCT Italy, and our technical & consultant engineers supported us in comparing different suppliers, the contract was prepared in a very short time,” adds Kim Jong-Hyun.

“We got excellent feedback from MCT Italy regarding the business environment. They supported our specialized team and consultants, by networking with worldwide experts and development teams, strengthening our first steps in the construction industry with successful precast solutions for the South Korea market,” says Kim Jong-Hyun.


Best Equipment to maximize flexibility & speed

Gabriele Falchetti, MCT Italy‘s South Korea Sales Director, says: “In order to achieve and work out the smartest solutions in the precast technology, production automation and services, it is crucial to monitor business conditions and to consult customers’ needs proactively. Our goal is to enable ICT to maintain high performances levels and to optimize the production rates.

Kim Jong-Hyun points out: “ICT is supposed to produce concrete with maximum strength of 110 MPa in the factory, we believe that MCT‘s flying bucket and casting machines are the best equipment to transport mixed concrete, assuring a speed of 5 meter per second and absolutely flexible cast for any type of elements”.

He continues: “MCT Italy is the one-stop-supplier in the industry and they are able to match any need in precast concrete building construction with an upgradable production concept. Through the numerous meetings and modifications, we have applied the optimal design and system, and through this process, we have equipped the facility to produce products in the factory with the minimum number of people”.

“In addition, MCT‘s battery carts have been adopted as a way to safely and quickly transfer manufactured products to the outside of the factory, thereby maximizing workability”.


Long-lasting lifetime partnership

MCT Italy‘s South Korea Sales Director, Gabriele Falchetti, says that the precast plant MCT has delivered in Goesan City is the first of its kind in South Korea. During the past years, South Korea has gone through changes that have had a boosting effect on the construction industry as the new leaders tackle the nation’s problems. “In this part of the world, there is an increasing demand for special precast elements utilizing the latest general of special concrete. Precast technology can offer an excellent solution for this. At MCT Italy, we help our customers adapting to the changing environment and to new business opportunities throughout the project. ICT’s project is an outstanding example of this approach,” Falchetti explains.

A precast plant is a long-term investment so there has to be room for flexibility, even in the unknown future. “We want to offer our customers all of our 50 years of experience and skills, professional networks, and the most flexible service available in the industry,” Mr. Oh from the MCT local team adds. These include services that enable customers to renew and maintain their skills, tools, and knowhow during the production line’s lifetime.

Kim Jong-Hyun concludes: “By maintaining a profound respect for our past, and by reaffirming our commitment to quality thanks to MCT Italy in this new project, we are certain that our clients and our firm will enjoy a future that is even more exciting, successful and inspiring than our past”.

Interconstech Co., Ltd.
#1701, Daeryung Post Tower 5-cha, 68,
Digital-Ro 9-Gil, Geumcheon-gu
Seoul/South Korea
Hanin S.I. Corp.
#817, Hosu Green, 8-38, Mugunghwa-ro,
Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si,
Gyeonggi-do, 10401/South Korea

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