Brady Corporation

Durable label for outdoor applications

The company Brady has developed a high-quality identification label that is resistant for more than ten years to UV radiation, the effects of weathering, liquids, and vibration. As the manufacturer describes, this label sets new standards for outdoor resistance. It enables reliable labeling for more than a decade of equipment, machines, vehicles, construction elements, and buildings located outside.

Many identification products for use in outdoor areas cannot offer long-term solutions, since they fade, shrink, tear, or peel off and become illegible. The new, extremely resistant and halogen-free identification label from Brady was purpose-developed for outdoor use. It reliably adheres to the surface for more than ten years under extremely rough conditions and remains perfectly legible at all times. The label is highly resistant to weathering, and protective lamination over the imprint is not even required.

Clearly legible and durable identification enables efficient utilization of equipment, machines, construction elements, vehicles, tools, and buildings. In addition, benefits of the Brady label include long use without frequent replacement.

Outdoor use

Extremely tough Brady identification labels are available with a black text on a white background. They are the perfect solution for marking solar collectors, vehicles, equipment, machines, buildings, and exposed cables and for providing them with barcodes. In addition, it is suitable for labelling signs, vending machines, doors, outdoor stairs, as well as air-conditioners on roofs.

Definite identification and communication of information in all outdoor areas in which activities take place and where products are located increase efficiency directly onsite. Businesses that can profit from this label are, for example, language and data communication, the construction sector, and companies working with electrical equipment.

Simple preparation and attachment

The exceptionally resistant Brady identification label for outdoor areas can be printed directly onsite with a high-quality thermal-transfer printer from Brady, desktop or portable. In combination with label generation software, the printer has several options for barcodes and serialization directly onsite. The label is self-adhesive and requires no protective lamination, and it can be easily printed and attached. The most durable and weather-resistant label for outdoor areas is designated B-8591 and belongs to Brady’s WorkHorse series.

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