Digital mold management system of OGS for Jasto Baustoffwerke

OGS develops, in collaboration with industry partners, a software for the management of concrete block molds, which is already used by several manufacturers of concrete products. In BFT 9/2018, we had reported on Koll Betonsteinwerke (Bonn); in this issue, the focus is on Jakob Stockschläder GmbH & Co. KG (Ochtendung).

As a family-owned company run in the second generation, the Jasto Baustoffwerke building materials plants located in Ochtendung/Eifel have been a solid partner as supplier of high-quality concrete masonry blocks, chimneys and concrete products for garden and landscape construction for about 70 years now. With a wide product range, associated with superior product quality, and the permanent willingness to bring innovative products on the market, they set standards in the world of construction, the world of chimneys and the garden world. At present, 94 employees are working in three-shift operation at the factory premises covering approx. 31 hectares.

In addition, the company supplies ready-mixed concrete, which even can be purchased in small quantities at the Jasto concrete filling station. This article will explicitly focus on the sector of garden and landscape construction. In the context of a plant modernization, it was a matter of special importance for the management of Jasto to abolish the existing isolated solutions and to replace them by a modern ERP complete system for digital mold management. For this purpose, they got renowned and competent partners, namely OGS, Kobra and Masa, on board.

Dr. Johannes Schrenk, technical manager at Jasto, explains: “At times when even the precast concrete industry is talking about digitalization and industry 4.0 every day, not only a few concrete block companies – including us – still use rather conventional means for the management of their molds. However, documentation by means of paper routing slips and excel spreadsheets often is incomplete and confusing. This makes planning of maintenance and production more difficult and costs time and money in case of emergency. Therefore, about 18 months ago, we decided to modernize the production plant fundamentally and above all with the aid of a digital mold management system.”

Project partners OGS, Masa and Kobra

The Koblenz-based software company, OGS Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung und Systemberatung mbH, has more than 30 years know-how in the development of software solutions especially designed for the building materials industry. The range includes concrete products, precast parts, bulk material, ready-mixed concrete, natural stone, tunnel construction and road surfaces as well as numerous products for ancillary construction trades.

The in-house developed OGSiD10 ERP software is used in medium-sized enterprises, including internationally operating ones, involved in the production of building materials. The software is an ERP complete solution with integrated CRM, attested DMS, Business Intelligence and a finance management system “Made in Germany”. The OGSiD Business Pack is a modular solution and can be adapted to almost any needs, improving business processes noticeably.

Special features of the building materials industry covered by OGSiD are as follows:

- Vehicle scheduling

- Data exchange with weighing unit/mixing plant

- Route planning

- Freight determination/billing

- Framework contracts/projects/construction

  site handling

- Pallet accounts

- Bill of materials/paving patterns

- Dynamic quantity conversion

- Customer/user/planner

- EDI/CAD interface

- Price determination

- Processing of various sites / plants

- Connection of signature pad

- Ship loading


- Precast calculation and

- Graphical scheduling (console in PPS).

According to the provider, apart from the industry expertise and the software products that are accurately fitting to specific requirements, the long-time customers of OGS above all appreciate the business consultation, the concept of personal support as well as the in-house support that is available even 24 hours, 7 days a week in case of emergency. For the time being, OGS is in the development and implementation phase of the 11th release of the OGSiD ERP software and other software projects, which are especially tailored to the building materials industry and make the benefits of industry 4.0 accessible to their customers.

This includes the OGSiD MMS project – the digital mold management system supported by RFID technology. The development enables a company to make the existing stock of molds transparent, always keeping track of where any single mold of the company or a group of companies is located and what technical state it is in. For this purpose, the molds are equipped with an RFID tag or alternatively glued with a barcode label, which however is not as durable. Since 2002, Jakob Stockschläder GmbH & Co. KG (Jasto) has been working with the OGSiD ERP software via cloud of the OGS’ own data center.

In addition, Jasto has been using the OGSiD MMS product since June 2018. Hence, the building materials plant is the second pilot customer, besides the Bonn-based Koll Betonwerk, which has successfully passed the trial run of the new development and is now intensively working with OGS on the further development of the digital mold management system.

OGSiD MMS a further development

Goal of the development is a proactive maintenance of concrete block molds – right in terms of predictive maintenance and industry 4.0. For this purpose, they got additional development partners on board and the interfaces to the mold making companies were automated even more.

The first development partner of OGS, bringing its know-how into play here, was Kobra Formen based in Lengenfeld. Today, the RFID tag has already established itself as an integral part of every Kobra mold and became standard. This durable and unambiguous marking is the basis for the identification and documentation of every single action within the digital life of the mold.

Masa was the first choice in the field of machinery suppliers because of their innovative capacity and geographical proximity. Both block making machines Masa XL are supplied by the machine manufacturing company of Andernach. Complemented by an Eirich mixer each for face concrete and core concrete, the company is manufacturing a wide product range – from the 50 mm paving slab through to the 400 mm curbstone.

Both OGS and MASA have pooled their potential for development and together they have realized an interface for data transmission/transfer from the machine to the OGSiD MMS system. The latest product of the OGSiD family, the RFID-supported, digital mold management system has additional features in store. The system continues to grow due to an exchange with the customers and market partners and attracts the attention of international companies and the trade press.

In cooperation with Masa, the Andernach-based machinery manufacturer, they successfully managed to realize a communication system between the block production lines and OGSiD MMS. The production cycles are automatically transferred in the first step. Hence, the prerequisites have been created for the next steps needed for reciprocal exchange of data, which means from or to the OGSiD ERP system.

Universal interfaces created as standard

The usability was further developed so that the user is now able to set own search criteria and record them via a filter panel. Moreover, by drag and drop, he can adapt his views to the information relevant to him.

In cooperation with the Kobra mold manufacturing company the data transmission of the master data of a mold was developed, dispensing with the need of manual registering of various master data. An input of relevant mold characteristics, technical drawings and other documents – also of other mold makers – into OGSiD MMS is possible even before new molds have been received physically. As soon as the mold has been delivered, being ready for the production of blocks, it is activated in the system and awakens in its digital life. To create universal interfaces as standard so as to use them as diverse as possible was an important aspect for all parties involved.

Currently another feature for maintenance works and visual inspections is going to be implemented. Similar to a car inspection, the user can define maintenance works to be carried out individually and prepare them as a checklist for the in-house metalworking shop or the mold supplier, so that the working steps can be performed there.

Open for all mold manufacturers

For Rainer Kress, general manager of OGS, it is important to emphasize that OGSiD MMS does not only work with Kobra molds. “The software can be used for any molds – no matter whether they are made by Kobra, Rampf, Lammers or any other manufacturer. Because hardly any factory is using molds of just one manufacturer exclusively. And understandably enough, it is even in our interest that as many factories as possible can use the software.” For the latter reason, among others, the OGSiD MMS is offered as a modular stand-alone solution that is compatible with ERP software and production planning software of other software providers.

The market-ready version 1.0 of OGSiD MMS will have interfaces enabling the mold manufacturers to feed specific data, such as technical data sheets, into the system of the customer, that is to say the concrete plant. Furthermore, the other way round, there will be an online ordering function for the customers allowing them to place an order for molds and spare parts or even maintenance work in a fast and convenient manner.

As common today, the software is available for rent. The price will depend on the number of molds to be managed. Maintenance, 24/7 hotline service and server hosting will be included in the monthly fee. For groups of companies where several production plants borrow the molds from each other, a client management system is included in the software and billing system. Thus, the individual companies of the group are able to charge one another as an operating unit for molds borrowed.

Jakob Stockschläder GmbH & Co. KG
Koblenzer Str. 58
56299 Ochtendung/Germany
+49 2625 9636-60
OGS Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung
und Systemberatung mbH
Hohenfelder Str. 17-19
56068 Koblenz/Germany
+49 261 91595-0
Kobra Formen GmbH
Plohnbachstraße 1
08485 Lengenfeld/Germany
+49 37606 302-0

Hardfact´s RFID-Formenverwaltung

Verwaltung der Formen, Maschinen und Geräte

• Formenereignisse – planen, durchführen, Historie

• Erfassung der Taktzahlen

• Verwaltung Formenstandorte bzw. Umlagerungen

• Hinterlegungen von technischen Datenblättern

• Verwaltung Formen verschiedener Hersteller

• Maschinenzuordnung - Form zur Maschine

• Artikelzuordnung - Artikel zur Form


• Web-basierte, plattformunabhängige Lösung

• Administrativ: PC, Laptop, Tablet und Smartphone

• Operativ: RFID fähiges Eingabemedium/Scanner

• Verwendung über mobiles Netz (WLAN, LTE, 3G, etc.)

Industrie 4.0 - Ressourcenplanung

• Planung der Ressourcen Form, Maschine, Personal

• Maschinenanbindung möglich

Datenanalyse & -anzeige

• Werksübergreifender Gesamtüberblick (Wo sind welche   Formen?)

• Analysen der Formen (Einsatz, Ausfallzeit,


• Proaktive Ampelfunktion der Taktzahlen

Service & Support

• 24/7 Supportleistung

• Rund-um-sorglos-Paket als Mietkonzept

• Wartung/Updates inklusive

• Weiterentwicklung des Produktes im Rahmen der

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