Concrete Component having a reinforcing element, method for producing same, method for bending a reinforcing bar of a reinforcing element, and ...

(10) WO 2017/153202 A1

(22) 28.02.2017

(43) 14.09.2017

(71) GROZ-BECKERT KG, Parkweg 2, 72458 Albstadt (DE)

(57) The invention relates to a concrete component, having a concrete matrix (49) and having at least one non-metal reinforcing element (50), which can be shaped and which has at least one reinforcing part (29). The invention further relates to a method for producing said concrete component, to a production device (31), to a method for reshaping or bending a reinforcing element, and to a bending device. It is essential to the invention that the at least one reinforcing part (29) has a plurality of reinforcing threads (34) or reinforcing yarn arranged in a plastic matrix of a plastic (K). The plastic (K) is designed as a plastic that can be reversibly cross-linked. The cross-links can be released by heating the plastic (K) and can be reestablished by cooling the plastic back down. Thus, it is possible to produce and store a reinforcing element in completely hardened form as a standard element.

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