Climbing the ladder

A short while ago we reported on a study trip to a European country. Our report mentioned the country’s ­enormous innovation potential and its associated high ranking in the Global Innovation Index. Only a few days after this article appeared, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Cornell University, and INSEAD published the new index for 2016. Once again many European countries did well. As a European this pleases me. And as a European with German roots – here I am hoping for your cosmopolitan understanding – I am of course especially pleased that Germany is continuing its upward climb on this ladder, always one rung at a time.

The fact that the European precast industry likewise has great innovation potential is plainly in evidence every year at the BetonTage in Neu-Ulm in Germany. At this event, FBF Betondienst GmbH and your technical journal BFT International award their Innovation Prize to leading companies of the supplier industry.

You, dear readers, are invited as of now to submit your applications for the 2017 Innovation Prize. The competition is open to companies in the mechanical engineering, software, and supplier industries for precast concrete products with innovative systems, methods, and services that at the time of submission are more recent than two years. The application documents are available from FBF Betondienst (+49 711 32732-326,">). The submission deadline is 30 November 2016.

We look forward to your application. And, by the way: participation is definitely worthwhile. All submissions will be presented in the technical journal BFT International.

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