CertPoint – Construction products certificates 3.0

CertPoint is an internet-based online application for documents (document management system, DMS) which can be used to archive all kinds of certificates relating to construction products, such as monitoring reports and test certificates.

CertPoint is a service offered to manufacturers which archives all documents created during the monitoring and certification of construction products in a clearly discoverable and traceable fashion.

CertPoint is available to all manufacturers of construction products that are certified. The system can be used regardless of which organization acts as certification body, which construction products are certified and according to which certification procedure.

How does CertPoint work?

Each manufacturer is given an own archive page; the documents contained in the archive can be viewed by the manufacturer only. The manufacturer can store documents in the archive and send them to clients via email, for example, directly from his CertPoint page.

The manufacturer is notified by email as soon as new documents have been made available by CertPoint.

In the public section of the CertPoint page, the manufacturers are listed with name, logo and map section, followed by the certificates valid at the time. Brief information on, for example, the product range, design or supply services/references can additionally be made available in this section.

In addition to providing a secure, closed archiving feature for the participating manufacturers, CertPoint improves the discoverability and hit rate on the internet through the public information section and through explicit search engine optimization.

Manufacturers operating several production locations have central access to all information via a single login.


The cost of CertPoint amounts to 500 euros per manufacturer and location for the one-time setup of the archive page, including availability of documents of the past two years. The subsequent annual fee will be 250 euros.

CertPoint is free of charge for manufacturers certified by Güteschutz Beton (Quality Assur-ance Association for Concrete), Hessenbeton (Hesse Concrete), or Güteschutz Rheinland-Pfalz (Quality Assurance Association Rhineland-Palatinate).

CertPoint is operated in compliance with data protection requirements according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is audit-proof. The servers are located in Ger-man data centers certified according to ISO 27001.

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