Biso formwork blocks for concrete columns and walls

Accurately fitting Biso formwork blocks used according to the „brick-on-brick“ method for filling up with concrete, e.g., of class C16/20, C20/25, C25/30, LC16/18, LC25/28, are a simple solution for the fast construction of concrete components. Hence, they are likewise an answer to the shortage of skilled construction workers, on the one hand, and the fact that concrete works often have to be executed under intense time pressure, on the other hand.

With the Biso formwork blocks, Bisotherm demonstrates even two of their strengths simultaneously. The proximity to the customers and their innovative power making construction works easier, faster and better. Fast and exact building of columns or (garden) walls, for example, is possible with the aid of the Biso formwork blocks in a square or rectangular shape.

The Biso formwork blocks serve as a permanent formwork here; their homogeneous surface on all sides is an advantage for the execution of the subsequent trades such as sealing works, plastering services or the designing of veneer.

Column formwork for grouting or for „gluing“

The Biso formwork block in a square shape for pillar-like formwork structures can be used with standard mortar in the Classic version, reaching a height of 1 m with four rows of blocks. The smoothed Biso formwork block, the so-called Plan version, can reach a wall height of 1 m already with only three rows of blocks applying the thin-bed method.

Formwork blocks for walls

The rectangular Biso formwork blocks are suitable for masonry, the construction of enclosures and walls up to a complete story for filling up with concrete. The Biso formwork blocks are available in two versions: in red with the classical no-fines texture of pumice and in gray with a smooth concrete surface. The blocks have a height of 24.8 cm each.

The national technical approval No. Z-15.2-163 states the specifications on the requirements and framework conditions easily comprehensible.

In order to achieve wall structures which are particularly load-bearing and resistant to pressure, the webs are recessed in transverse direction enabling reinforcement steel to be installed continuously. The vertical cavities, of course, provide the facility for implementing reinforcement bars up to the connection reinforcement of the foundation.

Apart from the structural minimum reinforcement in vertical and horizontal direction, it has to be checked whether the structural stability to be verified requires additional structural reinforcement of the building components. Corner blocks are available for a simple and perfect design of corner and wall connections.

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