Better corporate management thanks to strict data security

Whether it is constantly new bureaucratic regulations in the form of laws or requirements, or the necessity for ever more efficient work processes to make up for regularly increasing non-wage labor costs through increased productivity: adapting quickly to the always-changing situations is one of the greatest challenges faced by the construction industry today. A medium-sized construction company will therefore bank on a modular strategy and planning tool which, by simulation and forecasts, reliably maps the (potential) impact of corporate decisions as well as external influences. In BPS-ONE, the construction company has found a high-performance, practicable tool that transparently maps all business parameters and, due to strict data security, offers the basis for solid decisions.

Business intelligence software

The company Emil Hönninger Bau KG, based in Kirchseeon near Munich, Germany, is a construction company family-managed in the third generation. Founded in 1947, the company employs a workforce of around 120 today. The company’s primary focus is on building construction and civil engineering works, as well as on facilities rehabilitation and building redevelopment and turnkey construction as general contractor.

“The way we previously used to handle our planning was somewhat fraught with risks in that we had to manually input all data into a hodgepodge of different Excel lists, where important data could easily get missed when collating the lists – with the result that not all of the lists were current and/or even incorrect,“ recalls Felix Schmidt, Commercial Manager and authorized signatory at Emil Hönninger Bau KG. “We therefore needed a new solution. When looking for suitable planning tools, the Commercial Director of the family-managed construction company became aware of BPS-ONE software, which was especially developed for medium-sized companies. With its Business Intelligence Systems, BPS-ONE from the solution provider Denzhorn enables development of continuous business planning, ranging from result and cashflow to year-end closing and liquidity. The successful implementation of planning is backed by a professional controlling process with target-performance comparison, forecasts and simulations. “I searched a whole year for a suitable solution,” says Schmidt. “With BPS-ONE I found exactly what corresponds to the requirements of our company. The tool is very practicable and, in terms of the logic structure, corresponds to what we had previously implemented in the form of my “hand-knit” Excel solutions, which was much more complicated and fraught with risks.”


Highlights are data security and simulations

In 2012, the construction company implemented the BPS-ONE solution with the modules balance-sheet and profit-and-loss account, human resources, investments, contracts and management consolidation. “What I previously had to tediously and error-prone enter in the various Excel lists is now automatically input by BPS-ONE,” declared Schmidt. “And precisely the resulting data security is to me one of the highlights.” Although developing the appropriate structure was a complex task, the Denzhorn customer consultant Andreas Kirschner had competently supported the company in this effort. “The support provided by Denzhorn is fantastic, including post-implementation: The staff there are highly competent and, most of all, can be quickly reached,” says Schmidt. “We are called back immediately after the ticket solution, and the problem is quickly solved.”

Once the customer-specific modifications are implemented, the tool is reportedly quick and easy to operate. “The software is very practicable,” Schmidt sums up. “Best of all is that we can obtain a comparison with just a few clicks. Previous-year’s figures can be compared with current actual data, and the target figure at the full-year date in such a way that the planning can, at any time, be adapted to changing conditions. It is immediately apparent whether we can reach the full-year target and, based on that, we can draw the appropriate conclusions.

And in this way the Business Intelligence solution, oriented toward medium-sized structures, supports the construction company with a systematic analysis of the market, competition and corporate data in a profound decision-making process due to its strict data security and its eloquent market-oriented control functions.

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