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Bayferrox pigments for milestones of Colombian

The Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) of the LANXESS specialty chemicals group has now published a case study on flagship buildings in Colombia. “Colombia Special” from the Colored Concrete Works series of publications describes the Plaza de la Libertad complex in Medellín and the Alianza Francesa in the capital city of Bogotá. The stately structures with impressive architectural features owe their distinctive coloration to pigments from the LANXESS Bayferrox range.

The Plaza de la Libertad is the new face of Colombia’s second-largest city. The developer erected an architectural landmark visible from miles around on 12,000 m² in the heart of the city of Medellín. Rising to the height of 24 and 17 stories, respectively, the two towers are seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings. With their novel façades and unique coloration, the buildings evoke associations with trees and the structure of bark. Governmental institutions, a business hotel, television studios, businesses, a cultural center, an open-air theater and various exhibitions have found...

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