All-electric Greenline paver laying machine developed

Public invitations to tender increasingly make low-emission construction works a prerequisite for contract awards. Increasingly strict pollutant and sound emission limits are now being imposed, particularly in urban environments such as inner cities and areas near schools, pre-school centers and hospitals – and also in underground garages. The new fully electric VM 301 Greenline paver and slab laying machine from Probst GmbH enables emission-free, environmentally friendly and ergonomic work and thereby satisfies strict requirements in invitations to tender.

As a result, the topic of electric drive was what everyone talked about at bauma 2019. Market players in diverse industrial segments have tried to offer electric, or partly electric, solutions – including application for laying techniques. Here, Probst has succeeded in presenting a major functional solution that emphasizes the company’s market leadership in this innovative segment as well. It is now possible to lay pavements in only two to three hours in continuous test operation – and with the Greenline, a paver laying machine was developed that is in every way equal to machines with conventional drive. It fulfills both the requirements in respect to efficiency and continuous operating time, with zero noise and pollutant emission.

Fully-electric paver laying machine presented

Probst had already decided three years ago to present a fully electric paver laying machine at bauma 2019. The obvious solution approach – i.e., to replace the previous diesel engine with an electric motor and to retain the drive and the operating hydraulics as they were – was quickly rejected. Tests performed at various construction sites showed that an operating time of only two to a maximum of three hours with one battery charge would be possible, even with a very high-capacity battery, before recharging. An “energy-guzzling” hydraulic drive therefore turned out to be not fit for practice.

Therefore, only the far more demanding solution approach could be considered: a combination of the highly efficient electric wheel motor, an electrically driven hydraulic power unit for the operating hydraulics – in addition to modular, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. With this solution, up to nine hours of paver laying without recharging can be achieved. With recharging of about one hour, laying operations of as much as up to twelve hours are possible. The battery technology, moreover, has a beneficial side effect for operators: it is extremely quiet and therefore enables long and fatigue-free working. The operating hydraulics reliably supply all the attachments of the carrier unit, with a rating of 5 kW. The maintenance required for the electric motors is nearly zero. This greatly reduces all follow-up costs for the VM Greenline.

Low in vibration and virtually silent

Holger Merholz, Probst Director of Sales and Marketing, reported from bauma: “The increasingly stringent emission requirements in inner cities and the loads encountered during paver laying in underground garages have convinced our customers to add the VM Greenline to their machinery pool.”

The VM 301 Greenline has already stood the test in practice. German Hauber, co-owner of FH-Pflasterbau GmbH in Wört, in the Baden-Wurttemberg region of Germany, has banked on paver laying machines from Probst for many years. At bauma 2016 he expressed the wish to be able to work in future with an electric paver layer from Probst. In March of 2019, he then had the opportunity to test one of the first all-electric paver laying machines from Probst. In Ansbach, located in the Middle Franconian region in Germany, he paved a company parking lot with an area of approx. 800 m². Hauber was impressed by how long the battery-driven laying machine could be operated without recharging. For his team, it was a relief not to be exposed to diesel exhaust gases the whole day. Company-owner Hauber enthusiastically reports: “The machine runs vibration-free and virtually silent.”

Dieter Schanderl, owner of the company Dieter Schanderl – Maschinelle Betonsteinlegung in Buchloe, based in the Swabian rural district of Ostallgäu, Germany, has already worked with the new paver laying machine.

Machines have already proved themselves in practice

In May, the Probst innovation was used for paving the underground garage of a multi-family home in Augsburg, Germany. There, Dieter Schanderl used the VM 301 Greenline to lay H-blocks on an area of 1,500 m².

Dieter Schanderl usually works with a conventional paver laying machine with diesel drive from Probst. “Especially in an underground garage situation, it is of course beneficial that an electric laying machine does not emit exhaust gases,” as Schanderl praises the machine and continues: “The driver’s seat is very comfortable. This is a big plus, since I spend many hours on it. Furthermore, I see a definite need for the construction industry to deal with the subject of electric drive. In public invitations to tender, emission-reduced construction work is increasingly a prerequisite for contract awards. I therefore found it very exciting to test the paver laying machine from Probst. I was, of course, especially interested in the operating time of the battery. Charging the battery was, indeed, very easy. I activated the rapid-recharge function for an hour during lunch and was able to use the machine all day long,” concludes Schanderl.

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