Advanced techniques in prefabricated concrete

Global growth and urban densification need ever growing material resources and energy.

For Kimmo Lintula, partner and CEO of K2S Architects, local means to follow a culturally and socially more sustainable approach, the application of global knowledge and the use of advanced techniques and at the same time: A diminished use of energy for transport and material production. At the BIBM Congress in November, the architect and CEO will present built examples of material system applications with advanced techniques in concrete.

In his second presentation about Nordic architecture – Finland: Expression by Digital Fabrication – case Fazer, Lintula will share experiences in digital fabrication, based on a hands on approach using material and geometrical qualities of prefabricated fibre-concrete. According to the architect, nowadays and in prospective there is an enormous need for new tools for architectural expression and expertise concerning better use of material sources and also the need for adaptive reuse of embedded energy in building stock.

Dealing with another problem concerning sustainability, Sogge Johnsen, Product Manager at Basal, will talk at the congress about new trends in stormwater management.

Stormwater often is underestimated. Although it is the biggest contributor to the pollution of recipients. Treatment of stormwater and local infiltration solutions that brings something green to the environment are essential for future “circular” stormwater management.

When it comes to concrete, Sika provides more than admixtures. In the Innovation Workshop presentation of Dr. Markus Müller, Market Development Manager at Sika, Sika’s solutions for ready-mix and precast concrete manufacturers challenges will be presented. With an overview and application examples you will get ‘Salt and Pepper’ to solve todays and future challenges of precast manufacturers.

Alejandro López Vidal is dedicating his presentation at BIBM Congress 2020 to digitalization. In his presentation it will be all about BIM and digitalization: how to convert these challenges in great chances for precast concrete industry.

BIM probably represents the core of digitalization of construction in general. BIM is an approach to design, construction and facility management in which a digital representation of the building process is used to facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information in digital format.

Increasing introduction of BIM methodology within the projects is an excellent chance to precast concrete industry as BIM and precast concrete are based on similar parameters.

Which ones? – Alejandro López Vidal will tell you at the BIBM Congress in November!

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