Safe and simple transportation of large-scale precast elements

The almost indestructible concrete inside loaders (flatliners) of Langendorf are driving all over Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia carrying out a tough job between concrete plant and construction site. Flatliners of Langendorf do not need an exception permit for operating. They can be used for the transportation of precast elements having a height of up to 3,650 mm. Special transverse beams allow transporting overlong structural elements, such as bridge piles or long girders, right up to the installation site.


Shorter truck idle times

The flatliner independently collects the flat pallet loaded with precast elements at the concrete plant and puts it down again at the construction site - without having to wait for a crane for loading and unloading. Consequently, the idle time of the truck is shortened in favor of the driving time.


Load securing system also for asymmetric loads

The load securing equipment is extremely flexible. It can be adjusted variably in three directions allowing to secure also bulky elements or elements with recesses. The load securing equipment is very simple and, what is more, it can be handled quickly. The entire loading and unloading process takes less than 10 minutes.


Coupling height between 1,150 and 1,300 mm

The new lifting device allows coupling heights of between 1,150 mm and 1,300 mm so that both two- and three-axle tractors with different coupling heights can be used for the same flatliner of Langendorf. The single-wheel suspension, that has proven itself over several decades, is optionally equipped with air-suspended or hydraulic axle compensation. For being able to maneuver even through rough terrain with a ground clearance of up to about 400 mm, it is possible to lift the chassis by about 150 mm from the actual driving position.


Protecting the cargo

More and more precast elements are made of fair-faced concrete. Even if it comes to securing such sensitive elements, the driver is faced with great problems. Chains and lashing straps have to be furnished with an appropriate edge and surface protection. The load securing system of Langendorf, on the contrary, lays down on coarse or even very fine concrete surfaces in a gentle but anyhow powerful way, without damaging the same. Thus, the precast concrete elements are perfectly protected on the flatliner of Langendorf.

More information is available at the booth of partner firm Grunwald on the CTT in Moscow.

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