Thermal insulation and fire protection in one element

Halfen HIT Iso elements for thermal separation of cantilevered structural members, such as balconies, attic levels or brackets, ensure not only optimal thermal insulation; due to an insulation body of mineral wool, they also meet the most stringent requirements for fire protection. With EPS-based...


Highest cable-stayed bridge in Germany undergoes rehabilitation

The pylon of Fleher Brücke resembles the letter Y extending over the Rhine River in upside-down position. This pylon fulfils an important task because it takes up the stay cables that hold the bridge in place; it is thus a key load-bearing component of the entire structure. After almost 40 years in...


Integrated software solution for the constructionmaterials industry

More than 30 years of experience in the construction materials industry characterizes the company OGS and its OGSiD software solutions. Many companies place their trust in the value-added seller in Koblenz, Germany – whose services range from business management consulting to software introduction,...