HawkeyePedershaab merges with CAM Sales

HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce its acquisition of CAM Sales, Inc. CAM Sales is the leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated shear steel stirrup assemblies for concrete pipe, box culverts and other concrete structures. CAM is also a leading manufacturer of reinforcement accessories and provider of precast concrete production equipment in North America. This acquisition allows HawkeyePedershaab to expand its range of product offerings to the concrete industry. Headquartered in Ludington, Michigan, CAM Sales is led by James Wright, who will continue with the business.

“We are pleased to partner with HawkeyePedershaab, who is committed to providing continued support to our customers and enhancing all aspects of our business. We are confident that our strong brand and reputation, combined with the scale of the HawkeyePedershaab platform, will allow us to further establish CAM as the premier manufacturer of reinforcement accessories for the concrete industry,” stated James Wright, President of CAM Sales. BW Forsyth Partners acquired HawkeyePedershaab in September 2016, with the goal of building the market-leading supplier of equipment and solutions for the precast concrete industry through organic growth and acquisitions.

Brad Schmidgall, HawkeyePedershaab President stated, “CAM Sales brings a highly regarded brand of products that are both complementary and a natural extension to our current offerings and allows us to continue to execute on our strategic vision to further enhance our ability to provide a broader set of capabilities to meet our customers’ needs.”






506 S. Wapello St.

52637 Mediapolis, Iowa/USA

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